Game Analysis is a fun and unique way of learning about the game

Game analysis is nothing new as it is used across the globe by coaches, managers and pundits on a daily basis. Game analysis is huge in European countries where soccer is part of the culture and therefore there’s no getting away from the analysis of games, whether it be at halftime of a game on a live broadcast, post-match on a highlight show, radio, newspaper, internet and any other form of media.

Because there’s no getting away from soccer and therefore soccer analysis if you have grown up in these countries, it is easier to learn and understand the game of ‘football’. In the USA the games aren’t as well televised (although NBC Sports are doing a great job of recent years) and youth players are less accustomed to watching soccer at all, never mind the professional analysis that will come pregame, during, halftime and post game.

The higher level you play, the more exposure you will have to game analysis because in most cases there’s more at stake (money, titles, championships, etc.) and the reason being is the Coaches want to give their team the biggest advantage possible. But why do we have to be playing for something to give our youth players an advantage?

Game Analysis sessions are better done over zoom and they are a fun and unique way of learning about the game that can be done with or without teammates and friends too, in the comfort of your own homes.

Game Analysis topics will always change dependent on the game but they always cover the “Why?” “Why did player A take that shot, pass that ball, decide to go passed that player at that moment?” There’s always a “why?” and this is what is often neglected by coaches as they fail to explain why? Or what is also common is that a player won’t understand the “why?” but they are too afraid to say in front of a big group or their team.

Game Analysis sessions come highly recommended to any player who is currently playing or looking to play a high level of soccer in the future, or simply someone who’s looking to understand the game a little better. It’s also a great tool to keep your team learning and integrated with one another during offseason.

Prices will vary dependent on the length of the analysis and also what kind of analysis it is. If a player or Coach brings personal footage, that will have to be watched and analyzed before the analysis takes place and will cost more. Basic packages will follow the same pay scale as the “Individual / Small Group Training”.