Why Individual / Small Group Training? 

Teams and squads (especially in the USA) are large and you’re looking at 16+ players at a training session. With numbers this large it is impossible for a coach to focus on an individual’s player’s needs. If a player can supplement their team practice with one or more privates or small groups a week, they can now hone in on their individual needs and simply develop at a much quicker rate. 

Pros of Privates / Small Groups

  • Build Players Confidence – Players often come to us who are lacking in confidence for whatever reason…Confidence is essential in soccer as it’s a hard-enough sport with it, so without it you just don’t stand a chance. 
  • Focus on Specific areas – If a player’s weakness is “heading” it is unlikely a coach will spend time on a heading, especially such a controversial topic. So how do they learn how to head? The sad truth is, they don’t. This is true to every topic as the team coach just cannot spend as much time as what is needed on the technical side of the game. 
  • Fine Tuning Technique – No matter how good a player’s technique is, it can always be improved. This comes predominantly from repetition but it’s hard for a player to go out and repeat 30-40 Volleys. If they do, then they need the guidance from a professional “3rd eye” to make sure they are repeating the correct mechanics. Through technology this is now made even easier and the coach can show the player on site and allow the player to use visual learning. 
  • Hear a Different Voice – It’s very important for players to hear a different coaching voice as each coach will see different areas to improve. 

Professional and Experienced Soccer Players and Coaches
All the Become Elite Private/Small Group Coaches are vastly experienced coaches AND players. We know the difficulty of skills and the pressures to perform them in certain times and areas as we have and still do play the game. That is why “Become Elite Coaches” are the best at what they do.

Individual / Small Group Player Fees

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Number of PlayersCost

(Prices may fluctuate depending on indoor rental cost for winter months)

The pricing structure is set to become cheaper per player, the more players that are added. The philosophy is that as player numbers increase so the individual attention decreases. This should be reflected in fees. We also do this to encourage players to bring teammates as the coach and player can cover more topics with more players and make drills opposed and more realistic.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your spot up to 24 hours before the class. After 24 hours you will be charged a late cancel or no-show fee.
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for any cancellation of a private or small group lesson sponsored by Become Elite Soccer Club. Failure to give the required notice will result in being charged in full for the lesson.

Late Cancel defined as 6-12 hrs cancellation before agreed time will be 50% of agreed rate.

No Show Fee defined as 0-6 hrs cancellation before agreed time will be 100% of agreed rate.