Injury Prevention / Recovery is a separate sector from the soccer division and so our trainers have experience and are qualified with all athletes and injuries.

ACTing instead of REacting is the name of the game here, meaning that Injury Prevention is by far the most valuable aid we offer. If you can stay clear of injury you can continue to improve in your sport specific fields and so we highly recommend you don’t overlook injury prevention. 

Athletes will be screened for agonist and antagonist muscle strength imbalances and the results will be utilized to identify possessing a predisposition for injury. Smaller stabilizer muscles will be strengthened along with the stability of the core and joints through dynamic movements.

Of course, complete injury prevention can never be 100% guaranteed and so once an injured athlete has clearance from a physician we can work on maintaining the strength they gained in therapy and increase stability in the athlete through sport-specific dynamic movements. Our skilled and qualified experts will assess and design an injury prevention and recovery plan to help decrease chance of injury/re-injury in the athletes and promote a speedy recovery after hard practices, lifts, conditioning session, and game days.