The short and quick answer is “Absolutely”

We are providing for all ages, abilities and commitments. 

Ages + Abilities:

Ages 3-5 Years = Lil Booters Program / Community equivalent 

Ages 5-8 Years = Grassroots / Community equivalent (Beginner) 

          Community Recreation (Beginner)

          Community Travel (If they start that early) (Beginner)

          Become Elite Club Team U8 Co-ed (Beginner with Good attitude to soccer)

 Ages 9-14 Years = Skills (beginner / Intermediate) 

              Community Recreation (Beginner) 

              Community Travel (beginner / Intermediate)

              Become Elite Club Team (Advanced)

 Ages 15 Years + = Become Elite Club Team (Advanced)


Fall and Spring
As you know, we are only asking for one night’s commitment (3 hrs for u11 and up, 2 hrs for u10 and below) in the Fall and Spring as well as the weekend game. By doing this, we are encouraging the below players to sign up.

Multi-Sport Athletes
These players are too often neglected or made to pick a sport far too early in their sporting careers. It’s more than ok to like/love more than one sport and this should be encouraged. It’s often the multi-sport athletes that have the best natural talent and with the help of our expert coaching we are going to develop that talent. 

We will not be competing in any of these leagues and so players playing at this level can and are encouraged to sign up. It’s always good to get the perspective from other coaches and play with different team mates and perhaps even a different position than the norm. 

Community Soccer Players
Become Elite Club Soccer is the perfect fit for a community player who is starting to stand out and has a passion and love for soccer.