Community Is At The Top of The List In Our Core Values

True to our Mission Statement Become Elite Soccer “offers an amazing soccer experience for the community: all abilities and all ages.” Community is at the top of the list in our core values.

Communities and Clubs rarely have a good relationship and this is one of the major disconnects in US Soccer. Become Elite is doing things differently as our goal is to make a difference.
Four out of the five tiers in our Pyramid is heavily community based and why we want to be vested in our Communities and in turn our Communities will be vested in us. Our goal is to have an influence on soccer related activities both on and off the field from toddlers up to High School.

We would like to deliver high level coaching to the communities’ players and/or coaches with the same coaching methods, philosophies and personnel all the way through their youth soccer careers. If this is done successfully the High Schools teams in the communities vested will have a substantially improved program.

“Work with, not against our Communities” 

A quote from Become Elite Soccer Founder and owner. By working with, not against our communities our communities will receive: 

Higher Level Coaching for Players and Coaches
Our professional Coaches will actively be involved with the players and/or Community Coaches development as involved as that particular community wants. 

Coach Education
Only so much can be learned from text books and courses and so we want to give the coaches of the communities we have a relationship with, the opportunity to come in and assist Club sessions. This hands-on approach is an invaluable experience which they will be able to take back to their Community team and give them an amazing experience. 

More Parent Volunteers
With the Become Elite Club Soccer experience, high level players no longer need to travel long distances for practices as we are right on the doorstep. That along with only having one night of practices means that there is now time to get a younger sibling in the community travel program, that is often skipped due to older siblings’ commitments (time and travel). This not only brings to the Community more great players but it also attracts more Parent Coaches as it’s often the Parent of child number two or three that has seen it all and has the experience and confidence to step forward and volunteer (Full safeguarding checks will be required).

Players Encouraged to Double Roster with Become Elite and Community Travel Team
This is going to keep the players who will end up playing together at High School together, for longer. It will benefit the community as their best players aren’t being encouraged to leave but dual roster (play for both). 

To help incentivise this, we are offering 10% off “Become Elite Soccer Club” player fees for players who dual roster with their communities in which we have a relationship with. 

Forming High School – Community Relationships
Again, many communities and High Schools are missing out by not having a relationship with one another. High schools can benefit by having community players come and support Home games to help generate a home field atmosphere and advantage. The kids look up to the high school players and become excited to play at that stage. The high school players will also gain great experiences by volunteering to coach as well as receive their ‘voluntary hours’. Finally, the communities will discover some natural coaches that can help their program further. 

Become Elite Soccer staff will go above and beyond to build these relationships with high schools and communities. 

All of the above is already working and Become Elite Soccer is currently enjoying a fantastic relationship with:

Fremont FC

Timberland Youth Soccer (TYSL)

Haverhill Your Soccer

North Andover Youth Soccer

If you believe your community could benefit with a partnership with Become Elite Soccer, we would love to speak with you and get to understand your community’s needs a little more. 

If you are interested, please contact Carl Ashley