Player Pathway

Our Player Pathway Is Clear and Concise

We are not here to sell the Professional Dream or “Full ride” D1 College Scholarship. Only about 1.1% of high school men’s soccer players go on to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level ( and Only 1.4% of soccer players who play in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) go on to become pro soccer players (NCAA). Millions of American families are being taken advantage of by organizations charging huge sums of money with the bait of becoming a ‘pro’ and/or a D1 Full ride Scholarship. 

Carl Ashley writes; “We have more chance of producing a D1 Collegiate than any other organization for the simple reasons that our Club is affordable, so they don’t have to pick one sport and its minimum commitment allows our athletes to play multiple sports.” Multiple Sport Athletes is a BIG tick on all College Coaches recruiting agendas. 

“College Coaches Love to recruit Multi-Sport High School Athletes” (

Michael Jordan

High School Soccer 

Become Elite Soccer sees High School soccer as the pinnacle to our players’ soccer careers. Sure, we want them to go further and play in college but statistics show that most won’t. Therefore, we want to give what’s (statistically) most likely our athletes last four years of soccer, the best four years they can wish for. In order for that to happen we want to be involved in a player’s development from the start of the journey (3 years old) to the end (18 years old) when they graduate High School. We are going to be actively invested in the local communities and reinforce the same ideas, philosophies and values from the beginning to the end just how a professional team would in Europe with their Academy teams. 

Edgar Davids
Edgar Davids

“Ajax teaches you to understand football. Just as how they teach math at school, even if you don’t speak the same language, math is almost always the same. At Ajax, all the academy teams play the same way as the first team.”

Edgar Davids

Our end goal is that our players are able to enjoy the benefits of High School soccer both on and off the field as playing High School soccer has so many benefits in an otherwise complicated adolescent time.  

Become Elite Club Team 

Next Step Down are our Become Elite Club Soccer teams. These are for players who are looking for more than their town/Community program. They have either outgrown it or they are looking for something additional. If you have a team where you are a good fit, meaning you are not the best player and you are not looking for extra, then you should stay with your community team as that is the best fit for your development. Players on the Become Elite Club Soccer teams will excel in soccer, have a passion for soccer and will be professionally coached in all areas of the game. Players must have the desire to get pushed and challenged and they must enjoy this environment.  

Community Travel 

Below that is your Community Travel program – A very important step in a Youth Soccer Players journey. This could well be the first time a player is competing in soccer and with that comes a lot of additional stresses and barriers to overcome eg pressure. They are now competing against other communities’ players as opposed to their friends and you will start to see how they farefair ability wise but even more importantly how they enjoy the competitive aspect. 

Community Recreation 

Community Recreation teams are more commonly but not limited to, the younger ages where they are learning the very basic fundamentals of the game and most importantly are having FUN. Older players absolutely can still play for their Community Recreation team as they may not like the competitive stresses of the game and or they may not be able to commit to travel for weekend games. 

Toddlers, Tots, Lil Booters, Grassroots (Ages 3-5 Years) 

Ages 3-5 years is the ideal time for toddlers to get involved in soccer activities and everything should be based on FUN. Soccer will equal fun and excitement!