Program Discounts

At Become Elite Soccer we know how hard it is for you to juggle multiple children’s forever changing schedules and so we have created Bundles so you can pick and choose your programs and league play. By doing so, you will be getting the best possible price, save on multiple sign ups and get your winter schedule locked in. 

  • 10% 3 Program Discount – Sign up for 3 programs and/or league play – 10% discount
  • 10% Commit to Both Session Discount – Sign up for a program in Both winter 1 & 2 sessions – 10% discount
  • Deals can be combined e.g. If you commit to three programs or league play for both sessions, you will receive a 15% discount from the total.

Winter Session 1
(10 weeks) Week Beginning Nov 6th –  Jan 8th

Winter Session 2
 (10 weeks) Week Beginning Jan 22nd – March 25th 

* Each session will be 10 weeks long (20 weeks total if you do both sessions).

* League Play – If you are including league play, you are signing up for a “BES winter team” which we will assign you to with other players your age. If you want to enter as a team, you should have your Coach sign up the team. You can be double rostered on multiple teams. 

Youth League Play will be on Sundays 

$250 for a 10 week session, (High School Boys and Girls only) commit to both sessions and get $50 off ($450 total).

Winter Sessions 

We are moving away from 1 hour sessions as we found that it wasn’t enough time to get into enough detail on topics as well as fit in a warm up, structured topical session and competitive scrimmage to conclude.

We have decreased the hourly rate significantly to accommodate TWO hour training sessions which will be much more player developmental beneficial and a better use of parents time driving too and from the facility.

To register and secure your discount, please register as usual with your link for all your programs and then send cashley@becomeelitesoccer and with what you have registered for and we will refund you the appropriate discount